Vertical Tubes

Whenever burning solid fuels (coal, wood, pellets, etc.) a design that incorporates vertical tubes is a must because fly-ash settles in horizontal tubes and reduces efficiency.

Control Panel

The "brains" of the All Canadian Heater is the control panel. By monitoring water temperature and coal feed, the control panel minimizes the need for supervision and maintenance on these units.

Spiral Diffusers

All Canadian Heaters use spiral diffusers inside the boiler tubes to facilitate heat absorption and reduce stack temperature. The diffusers also act as cleaning devices to scrape ash and corrosion from the tubes.

Direct Drive Gearbox

The stoker on these units features a direct drive, variable frequency, heavy-duty gearbox. These worry-free features are particularly attractive to customers who prefer simplicity and dependability over the hassle of belts and pulleys.

Safety Features

The All Canadian Coal Heater has safety features that include a low water cutoff, two limit controls, and a fire arresting sprinkler head in the stoker hopper in case of burn-back along the auger.

Burning Grate

The burning grate has been modified to increase combustion by up to 30%. The air slots are cut with a process that minimizes stress fractures and prolongs the life of the cast iron.
Burning Grate

High Temperature Bearing

To reduce wear on the coal auger that feeds the burning grate, the traditional bronze bushing on the All Canadian Heater has been replaced with a high temperature bearing. The result is more years of dependable service.


To increase efficiency and to reduce stack temperature and emissions, an afterburner re-ignites escaping gases and ash.


Coal is abrasive. That's why the stoker augers on these units are made with heavy 3/8" plate and feature a section of reverse directional flighting for smooth coal feed onto the burning grate. The wide diameter also eliminates any jamming that might be caused by small to medium rocks or other foreign objects in the coal. The result is a smooth, steady flow of coal from the stoker to the combustion chamber.